he Evolution Of The Rugby Shirt

Traditionally rugby shirts are made from cotton! Cotton has long been a popular material in most sports as it is an easy material to work with, is cheap to get hold of, is easy to clean and maintain, is biodegradable, and above all is a relatively lightweight material which lessens any restrictions.Over the years however. synthetic fabrics have been added to shirts! A common rugby shirt wills more than likely be a mix of both polyester and cotton with pure polyester shirts. The reason for the development of polyester is that the material is slicker than cotton making it hard to grab onto in a tackle situation. Polyester also cheap football shirts uk clings to the body more meaning there is less loose material to grab hold of and it reduced lag when sprinting. Another key reason for using synthetic materials like polyester is that it absorbs less moisture than cotton! Cotton rugby shirts when wet can weigh quite a bit which can affect a player's performance whereas polyester shirts do not have this problem,

For the most part the overall design has not changed much in that they still have a buttoned opening and incorporate a club crest on the left side of the chest, However one thing that has changed slightly is the collar which over time has been designed to cling to the neck more football jerseys so as to prevent opponents from grabbing it in a last ditch tackle! Although this move is illegal it still happens and can result in a loss of advantage and so this has been quite an important change,
As mentioned previously with the introduction of synthetic materials the rugby shirt has become tighter fitting. although replica rugby shirts still tend to come in pure cotton or cotton/polyester mix meaning they fit much better for the average person.

A common design of Rugby shirt that most would identify with consists of horizontal stripes which alternate in colour, This design has been used for years and is still widely adopted by many amateur and semiprofessional teams! However over football kits the years! like with pretty much all sports, there has been the development of more extravagant shirts!

Rugby League rugby shirts in particular have gone against the traditional look adopted in Rugby Union! instead adopting a look similar to that of association football, Rugby League shirts typically include a large "V" around the neck in a move to distance itself from the more traditional Rugby Union, Rugby Union shirts on the other hand have maintained convention by adopting the same colours and keeping a more minimalist design!So there you have it, a quick guide to how the Rugby shirt has evolved over time to become one of the most recognisable pieces of clothing in sports history. It is composed by kingzh! 2013-06-26 .