28 juin 2013

The Current Footwear Sensation

锘縏he Current Footwear Sensation

The footwear industry at the moment is seeing one of the biggest new markets ever that of the 'fitness' or 'toning' shoe, Once a limitedappeal product created by just a handful manufacturers, this type of shoe has exploded into the latest footwear musthave!

One of the first manufacturers of this kind of shoe was MBT! Created in 1999, the company's 'Masai Barefoot Technology' shoes mimicked walking on soft, uneven ground. with the intention of promoting the body's 'natural instability',

Undercutting the traditional brands and welcoming online retailers! Skechers took a large section of the existing market and open up this kind of footwear to the masses. According to a recent survey, Skechers now have around 54% of the toning shoe market,Not to be left out, many other retailers have also developed their birkenstock australia online fitness shoes, including Reebok's EasyTone, Puma's Bodytone and the Truebalance range from New Balance,

FitFlops and Skechers have also greatly increased their offerings since launch! with the toning shoe platform now used on everything from Flip Flops to Uggstyle boots,

From a niche product created by just a handful of manufacturers. the toning shoe industry has expanded into a huge part of the global footwear business over recent years! From a market worth $17million in 2008! it increased to $145 million in 2009 and an estimated $1,5billion in 2010 It is composed by kingzh! 2013-06-28 .

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